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Requirements - @Home WorkBooth
If your system does not meet the minimum requirements or work correctly with TeleTech systems, we may recommend that you purchase additional equipment. Our technical group will attempt to recommend other solutions prior to suggesting a piece of hardware be purchased.

In the event that additional hardware is required, purchasing the equipment will be the sole responsibility of the user.

In addition, if you have a general question - please visit the FAQ.

Applicants for @Home need to meet the following minimum system requirements and be able to pass all subsequent system assessments to TeleTech’s satisfaction.

To see a brief video tutorial on how to check your computer requirements please click here to watch the video.

PC Requirements

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You can enable JavaScript by following the steps in the Documentation

Minimum support hardware requirements:

Supported Operating Systems

Your PC hardware must support the minimum requirements specified by your Operating System.
All supported Windows Operating Systems must be Genuine and Licensed copies with the latest Service Pack, patches and updates installed;

UNSUPPORTED Operating Systems

Additionally, any operating system other than Microsoft Windows for PC is completely unsupported;

If a headset is required by a project, any USB headset that works in Windows should work with WorkBooth.

Some considerations while purchasing a headset;

Supported Antispyware / Antivirus

Applicants need to have one of the following Antivirus / Antispyware software loaded on their PC:

For Windows 7:
For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:
Also note:

Applicants need to have the following Firewall software enabled on their PC:


Applicants must ensure that no Malware is installed or running on their PC.
See Self-Help for instructions and suggestions for detecting and removing Malware.
Malware can include:
For more information on Malware, see our Documentation.

Unsupported Software

TeleTech does not allow users to run CheckPoint within a virtual machine, and will notify users if they fail to meet this requirement.
All users must ensure that they are not running any virtualization software before starting CheckPoint, including;

Supported Web Browsers


Internet Connection Requirements
Supported Connection Types

UNAUTHORIZED Connection Types

Connection Speed

Your download and upload connection speed must comply with the requirements below to be eligible for projects with TeleTech@Home
Connection SpeedDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Technically Compatible Projects
High5 and above3 and aboveEligible for all current projects with TeleTech@Home
Medium3 up to 52 up to 3Eligible for most projects with TeleTech@Home, but currently not compatible for projects requiring a high connection speed.
Low1 up to 3500 up to 2Eligible for projects that require low speed, but currently not compatible for projects requiring a medium or high connection speed.
Failed<1<500Not Technically compatible for any programs.


In order to work from home, your internet service must be 99.99% stable. In addition, we also have the following requirements for latency and packet loss:

Telephone Service Requirements

No telephone service is required for most projects (TeleTech utilizes your internet for internal VoIP).

If a project requires a phone service the agent will be informed upon hiring.
VoIP telephony (Skype, Vonage, magicJack, etc) is completely UNSUPPORTED.
Additionally the phone service must meet the following requirements;
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