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Frequently Asked Questions - @Home WorkBooth 2.5
Below are all the frequently encountered issues with WorkBooth. Click on the question to view the content.

Preparing to Run WorkBooth
[-]JavaScript is disabled. What do I do?
Many Workbooth Pages Including This One Require that JavaScript is supported and enabled!
You can enable JavaScript by following the steps in the Documentation
Here is a brief summary of our minimum requirements. Please visit the Requirements page for a complete list.
Yes, fiber internet connections are allowed (see requirements).
There are a few ways to gather system information;
Yes. Multiple people can use WorkBooth from the same location if they both meet the internet connection requirement.
Please visit Self-Help for common issues and suggested troubleshooting steps.
No, wireless connections do not work with WorkBooth.
If you are trying to connect to your modem/router wirelessly, you will need to use a hard-wired connection instead (via Ethernet cable).
For more information, please visit our Requirements page.
Yes, software will need to be installed on your system in order to be able to log into WorkBooth. If you do not have this software installed, the initial system scan will notify you of the missing software requirements and provide you the necessary download links.
Please visit Self-Help for detailed instructions on how to install the required software.
WorkBooth is scanning for security threats, necessary software requirements and also downloading plugins that are required to launch WorkBooth.

Getting WorkBooth Started
To prepare your system to launch WorkBooth perform the following steps. If you require detailed instructions, visit Self-Help.
  1. Confirm your PC meets the Minimum Requirements
  2. Update your Antivirus software and virus definitions and scan for viruses (See Self-Help)
  3. Ensure your PC is not infected with Malware (See Self-Help)
  4. Run Windows Update tool and install all required updates (See Self-Help)
If you experience this error message in Secure WorkSpace:

This program is not allowed
While the requested application is permitted by your security policy, other processes connected with the application are not. This may result in program instability.
File: (name of program)

It means that you have software running on your pc that is not permitted to run inside WorkBooth. In some cases this error can be ignored. To attempt to resolve this error message:
  1. If you can close the message and continue working, then simply ignore it
  2. Update your Antivirus and Antispyware rules
  3. Scan your PC for viruses and Spyware
  4. Request Technical Assistance from ASD (provide as many details as possible)
To exit Secure Workspace:
  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Close Secure Workspace. A confirmation and reminder to save open files will appear
  2. Click "Yes, Close it now" to continue closing Secure Workspace
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